Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks are making headlines for the funniest reasons.

On Friday night, the One Direction and Fleetwood Mac singers had the crowd experiencing a vast range of emotions while talking on stage. Styles kicked off the roller coaster of reactions when he introduced the “Dreams” singer in some all-too familiar terms that had auOne thing that is for sure, is that the Brit is a member of One Direction and not NSYNC. The 70-year-old made the simple mistake when she thanked Harry for doing the honor of inducting her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “When he decided to make a solo record from NSYNC — sorry, not NSYNC,” she They later performed a medley together that will absolutely rock your socks off. The momentous occasion had even Harry on his knees, bowing down tFor the first time in the music history, a woman has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the second time, which is a pretty big deal. In a statement shared to Twitter, the singer said, “I have a lot to say about this — bCongratulations, Stevie!To see the singers performance in all its glory, watch the 34th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony when it airs April 27 at 8 p.m. on HBO.


ut I will save those words for later. For now I will just say, I have been in a band since 1968. To be recognized for my solo work makes me take a deep breath and smile. It’s a glorious feeling.”

o the musician who made history at the event.

said, quickly realizing her mistake. “I’m never going to live that one down, I know.”

How Harry Styles knows about Stevie Nicks’ role as a lover, we may never know.

dience members scratching their heads. “She is everything you have ever wanted in a lady, in a lover and in a friend,” the 25-year-old declared. “Stephanie Nicks, I love you, we all do, and that is true, Stevie.”


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